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Are you protected from future retrenchment, disciplinary action or liquidation?

Have you been on fixed-term contract for more than 12 months or 2 contract renewals?

Are you protected from unfair labour practices, including unfair conduct by the employer concerning:

  • promotions
  • demotions
  • training
  • benefits
  • disciplinary action
  • reinstatements
  • unfair dismissals

Do you need readily available, specialised labour advice?

The following are all rights of yours in terms of the Labour Relations Act, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, as well as the Constitution:

  • Are you protected from ever working more than 45 normal hours a week?
  • Are you protected from overtime work without an agreement and without at least 1.5 times pay?
  • Were you given detailed, written particulars of employment and remuneration?
  • Are you provided with at least the legal minimum in terms of leave, benefits, notice periods and pay-outs?
  • Are you protected from unilateral alterations to your employment agreement or unfair discrimination?
  • Are you always allowed a 1 hour break for each 5 hours’ work, and allowed 12 hours’ consecutive break per work day?
  • Is your night work and Sunday/public holiday work legal and as per a fair agreement?
  • Do you get at least 1 day’s paid leave for each 17 days worked?
  • Are you allowed at least 3 days a year fully-paid leave when your child is ill, or when a direct family member dies?
  • Are you protected from sexual harassment?
  • Is “affirmative action” only ever implemented fairly and equitably?
  • Are you allowed to join a trade union?

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