Monthly Archives: November 2014

Our view of the workplace.

Following investigations and discussions throughout the South African economy with skilled and/or scare employees, we have found the following:

Employees are generally insecure in their positions, and this causes them to be hesitant to demand fair treatment or discuss their terms and conditions of employment with employers

  • Employees feel unprotected from possible future retrenchments.
  • Some employers avoid the legal requirement to grant fulltime permanent employment by giving unreasonably repeated fixed-term contracts.
  • Employees are hesitant to demand their legal right to fair treatment regarding promotions, benefits, training, disciplinary action, and other unfair labour practices.
  • Many employees work overtime without the required remuneration.
  • Many employees do not have a contract of employment or even written particulars of employment.
  • Employees suffer from unfairly and illegally implemented affirmative action.
  • Many employees don’t realise that they are legally encouraged to join a trade union to promote and protect their rights
  • Often employers do not offer equal pay for work of equal value.

Skilled and/or scare employees do not feel empowered and secure enough to ensure these reasonable and legally-protected demands are met
These are some of the areas in which the Skilled Employees’ Collective will ensure their members are protected and granted their legislative rights.